Lenny's Challenge


Lenny's Challenge was created to provide modelers an opportunity to display their models during any phase of construction.

No judging or voting is done on the models, it is strictly an exhibition, just another way for modelers to display their work and share their techniques with other modelers.

Bring your models in at any point in construction as they don't have to be complete.

Sometimes it is even better that way as you can learn much from seeing the 'in progress' steps on the way towards completion.

Remember, there are always folks who can learn from what you are in the process of doing, have done or learned what doesn't always work out the best!

If you have any questions about participating in Lenny's Challenge, please contact the current AZ Division Superintendant

Bring your models to the next Division Meet. We really would like to see what you've been working on!

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 page last updated: 11Sept2014