Favorite Model 1st Place   Favorite Model 2nd Place   Favorite Model 3rd Place
Mail Pouch Water Stop
By Andrew Arney
Parlor Car
By Steven Drees
Business Car
By Larry Klose
 Favorite Train 1st Place    Favorite Train 2nd Place    Favorite Train 3rd Place
By Lenny Smith
By David Jerry
Tank Car
By Terry Dorsett
Rolling Stock 1st Place   Rolling Stock 2nd Place   Rolling Stock 3rd Place
Ore Car
By Larry Klose
By Larry Klose
Ditcher x-70
By Alan Olson
Color Photos 1st Place    Color Photos 2nd Place    
Rounding Corner With Freight
By Don Stewart
455 Rounding Corner
By Don Stewart
 B & W Photos 1st Place   B & W Photos 2nd Place    B & W Photos 3rd Place
Morning Steamup
By Don Stewart
455 Up the Hill
By Don Stewart
Sunrise at Hangman’s trestle
By Don Stewart
 Levity 1st Place   Levity 2nd Place    
High Ball 2
By Lenny Smith
High Ball 1
By Lenny Smith