The Arizona Division is an organized division of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). The NMRA is the largest organization devoted to the development, promotion, and enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading. The NMRA was founded in 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in order to provide a service to the hobby of model railroading.

The Arizona Division is part of the NMRA's Pacific Southwest Region (PSR), which is comprised of the Arizona Division, the Cajon Division, the Los Angeles Division, and the San Diego Division.

The Arizona Division has three Division meetings per year. They are open to NMRA members and non-members. Meets typically have clinics and contests designed to promote the hobby and provide tools and techniques to members.

Each year a Regional Convention is held within the PSR. The NMRA also hosts a National Convention each July.

A copy of the Arizona Division By-Laws can be found here By-Laws.