PSR 2019 Convention

Arizona Junction


ClinicClinicianDateTimeRoomExtra Fare
Ghosts of Gasoline Alley
Modeling a Mine
Structure weathering
Update on the NKP
The Silver Creek RR
3-D printing
Scale & Gauges
Transition era Gas Station
Weathering Freight Cars
Building DCC
AZ Narrow Gauge
Backdrop painting
On30 modelimg
SP Ops in E. Phoenix
Modeling Trees
The Tennessee Central
Sugar Beet Operations
Storms & More
Geodesic scenery
Painting Geodesic scenery
Arduino effects
Trucks & Kadees
Creative Structure Kitbashing
Tru-Color Paints and painting
Saw Mills
Painting figures
Researching Ops in Tempe
Modeling logging equipment
Excel Drawing
Airbrush Basics
Making trees
Harvey Girls
The Peavine Line
Custom Decals
Weathering with Ammo Paint
The Lincoln Train
30 years of modules
Steel Mills
LED lighting
Building craftsman kits